Nettoyeur Vert offers a wide range of cleaning services

Cleaning and washing

  • Wash clothing as directed; 

  • Wedding and prom drresses (storage box also available); 

  • Commercial and Residential Laundry; 

  • Pillow and feather duvet with specialized equipment; 

  • Coats; 

  • Draperies;


  • Accessories: purse, shoes, bag, suitcase etc;

  • Overalls work; 

  • Equipment for hockey and other sports; 

  • Repair Service of clothing; 

  • Leather and suede.

Other services

  • Sewing items;

  • Rental of commercial carpet superior quality; 

  • Service delivery across the North East; 

  • Sales and refurbishment of your pillows


  • Sale and installation of cleaning equipment (Hi-Steam) with opening; 

  • Turnkey available and the training of employees.
Learn about our storage boxes for wedding and prom dresses gowns. The ideal solution to safely store your dress will be protected from the ravages of time .
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